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Intimate Gorilla’s

Intimate Gorilla's
Intimate Gorilla’s

Friends and Enemies,

This remedy works like a charm to remove all kinds of dysfunction: Bitchy-ness disease, “I know I’m right because I know I’m right” disease, “I read it on the internet so it’s gotta’ be true” disease, Conspiracy Theories disease, Religious Zealot disease, Political Correctness disease, Homophobia disease and many other “will kill your ass” diseases, infections and other meaningless shit that will completely fuck up your life. So, no later than tomorrow night, please grab a bottle of your favorite spirits or maybe a big joint or two and playfully drag your favorite hottie (a stranger works well also) to some exotic and or strange location (spare no expense) and enjoy intimate closeness until you pass out from exhaustion. Please do something-anything original with your life that will make you feel better about yourself, lighten up and smile. Then maybe, you’ll spend more time on what really matters instead of judging, placing blame, dividing the world and actually doing something positive. The world needs you.

Tony Romano