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COLOMBIA: Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a quaint Colombian town 3 – 1/2 hours from Bogota. The drive to Villa de Leyva was spectacular, as I meandered through smaller towns and in and out of the mountains to reach the destination. The fresh fruit and veggies, bakeries, artist shops, restaurants, desert excursions in search of fossils, the stone streets, clay tile roofs and white washed stucco exteriors is just enough to say: “I want to visit again and again.”

Fresh fruits and veggies
Fresh fruits and veggies


For two days, I was the only gringo in site. On the 2nd day, the Colombian Army was on patrol. Their mission: To put an end to kidnapping, terrorism and extortion in the Country of Colombia. The military encountered were very friendly and as they walked away, I just stood there-wow.  Now, although their presence may fear some, this a normal practice in Colombia.  The local police are also a big part of giving people a sense of “protection” in Colombia. As we drove for days on end throughout this beautiful and passionate country, there were many police and military just standing on the sides of the roads with their weapons and waving as we passed them by.

Colombian Army On Patrol For Kidnappers, Terrorists and Extortionists
Colombian Army On Patrol For Kidnappers, Terrorists And Extortionist

On to another Colombian city…

The food in Colombia is just hard to beat. During this visit to Villa de Leyva, there were several bakeries serving fresh-baked goods that contained chocolate and again – I did not want to leave.