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It appears the  internet “Trolls” have fallen on their head. They are convinced that Homer Simpson is indeed the new Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in Omaha.  Whew, wow .

Anyway,  the  “Trolls” were smashed to the ground by an aggressive opposition, “The Others”.  Now, I want you to think about something okay?  Would  a real Troll give a damn about anything-well all right, everything with the exception of being right-right?  So look “Trolls”, if  you want to be “right” for a change and not embarrass yourself any further, please do a little research before you post. And another thing,  stop reading conspiracy theory publications while simultaneously injecting high doses of alternate media sources through your system. Shit’s bad for you-seriously. Especially, those of the World that make zero effort to unite people all-right, their agenda  has always been to Divide and Conquer. Something else interesting is how big chemical companies and the GMO  (genetically modified organism) market is doing.  Go ahead, check it out, I think it stinks.

Hmm, getting myself all worked up. Look, I’m not a Democrat nor a Republican, but the more I think about it, sure, it  would be great to read something fresh and new that might actually help change some things we don’t like in America, a chance to do something great.  And, just so that you know, we don’t hate you guys,  just like you to come over to our side, see some of the pretty green grass over here because, some of us might actually miss some good Troll Media with substance.


God Bless The USA
God Bless The USA

Everyday there’s plenty of stories on the internet and television about what our governments doing or not doing for its people and who’s to blame. These days, its common for people to blame their personal inadequacies on the place they choose to live and for that matter on other people. I love my country, but sadly…Americans have an “Entitlement issue”. I hear it everyday….The blame game. But, rarely do you hear: what can I do as an individual to make a difference and when and where do I begin?

 It wasn’t until I lost a very dear friend, one that taught me a lot about life, did I remember something he’d told me before heading to Costa Rica last year: “It’s not where you are that matters, it’s what you’re doing that does”. And, I’ve learned it’s the people who willingly service others that truly make a difference in the world.

Everyday, I smile at the 100-year-old briefcase my deceased friend gave me last year, a reminder that I’m grateful for what I do have, not for what I don’t and that it all starts from within.

God Bless America

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