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The Little People

In God We Trust

While standing in line at the grocery store this morning, a girl in front of me pointed to the back of a One Dollar bill in her hand and asked her father, “Daddy, what does this mean?”

The man knelt-down, held her hand and explained,  “In God We Trust means, God is always here for the little people.  The broken pyramid tells us that our country is not fully built. Above the pyramid is a great eye, the eye of God. The words over the pyramid are “annuit coeptis,” meaning, “He has smiled on our undertaking. “ And beneath the pyramid it says, “novus ordo seclorum,” which means a new order of the ages. This new order is built upon Almighty God. He’ll show us the way, even when we go to the grocery store. We just have to believe.”

In that moment, I was part of an old EF Hutton commercial. “When EF Hutton talks, everyone listens.”

The man paid the speechless cashier and the two walked out of the store hand in hand.

In our next election, I will vote for the little people because I think they are humble and will show the world how to be constructive for humanity.  William Penn wrote, “Unless we are governed by God we will be ruled by tyrants.”

God is cool, no matter what he or she is wearing in color or dress. America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.

God Bless the Little People






In the midst of a blistering ice storm, while trekking to another story in Austin, Texas, Hobo Bob, a dissenter journalist dog was suddenly apprehended by a group of fundamentalist hacks and found himself in a rather hopeless predicament: Beat up, crammed inside a burlap sack and stuck to a sheet of black ice on the shoulder of a desolate highway, far away from civilization. Writing in a voice without restraint, his latest article titled: “Americas Dark Secret” created quite a stir around the country, but unfortunately, while much of the American population sympathized with Bobs quest to write about things that most people don’t want to talk about, there is indeed “elitists” that want no part of change, whether right or wrong.  Possessing nothing more than one milk bone, an archaic Atlas (map), a small digital camera and pocket audio recorder, Bob peered through a small hole in the sack, contemplating what to do next? Darkness fell and he drifted into a deep slumber and dreamt about changing the world…




Human life in the world begins at home with loving parents that must support both their children and their teachers in the process. One of our biggest problems today is self-righteousness and people who alienate others that do not think the way they do, non-attentive parents and a school system run by big government that has moved away from moral-ethic teaching, the root of what prepares an individual to go out on his/her own. Lack of education, “dummying down”… affects all facets of our society. Education is not one of America’s priorities; look around, our children are slackers and currently place our future as a nation at risk.

But, there are many other factors. We’ve done away with the “Front Porch” from our homes, a much-needed social network of sorts. America once a diverse network of cultures living together and learning together, is now one giant gated community with alarm systems on everything; we’re attached to gadgets and obsessed with pretty packaged “things.” And, how can social media, one that moves faster than any manmade thing ever witnessed in recorded history replace intimate and personal interaction? Our society teaches us, “Live to work” not… “Work to live”. How does this affect the minds of our young and what do they have to compare things to? A far less healthy social environment…and, we’ve retreated, caged ourselves inward, oblivious to the consequences.

There’s a darkness looming, an absence of moral fiber, one that is predominately affecting everything in our society. Is Americas dark secret the failure to educate its people? Or, is it OUR problem, for NOT teaching America?

One thousand years from now, will people be looked upon as legendary seekers of the truth, advocates for change that propelled our kind forward? Or, will our planet be an inexplicable mad world, over run by those that allowed the land of plenty to gobble up their empty and suffocated souls with one eye open?

We’ll never know of course, unless we free ourselves from ignorance so prevalent in the world today.

Hobo Bob

The First Mighty Blast From The Island Hideout

After commentary by publisher Riley P. Dog on the piece titled: “Henry The Sea Gull”, I felt compelled to fire off this one.



Dear Riley,

For the record, I must bring something of the utmost importance to your attention, just in case something dreadful happens. You see, by the time International Falls, MN receives the hot dog in a box marked “Flammable” as you requested, Henry the sea-gull and I will be close to embarking on an offshore adventure. This is huge.

The southern flock has brought aboard three highly intelligent dolphins as “locators” to work amongst its crew on The Flammable Hotdog Project boat. The goal: find as many of the estimated 30 million pounds of “live” military bombs and chemical weapons that have been reflexively discarded and currently lying on the Gulf of Mexico sea bed, sell this valuable information to the U.S. government, one or all of the Gulf states or…to one of the many oil conglomerate and or chemical companies.

I must say, Henry is in “seventh heaven” at this precise moment and particularly driven by his latest brainstorm. Furthermore, he’s also convinced that these “groups” would much prefer to protect their interest and possibly a large portion of our population, then risk losing it all with one giant…snap. Additionally, he’s hopeful to secure the necessary funds through this masterful plan to save the planet no later than the end of the first quarter next year. The other creatures on staff are ecstatic about how well everything’s going however; I’m apprehensive and hold on to some serious reservation. I will not beat around the bush Riley and must express my concern that Henry is drinking entirely too much. He’s also flapping his beak around the island and seriously jeopardizing the entire quest; his thinking has skewed so “far to the left” from our original conversation on the beach last week that it may be too late to repair the damage. There is certainly division now, even amongst the higher power optimists in the community; our organization just cannot weather this kind of bad publicity and something must be done.

In short, Henry has created more risk than necessary. In any event, I did not sleep well last night. I had three very distressful nightmares and would appreciate consul from a well-known and trusted hotdog expert such as you before moving forward with this little “adventure” with flipper and the sea gulls. Let’s thrash this all about, shall we?

Tony Romano