Dam Troll

Trolls are a diverse race and can be found in virtually every part of the world. While most are gynormous in size and rather ugly, this is a tale of a small cute troll named Dam that took me for a ride.

It all started inside the old building where I use to live. An old resort back in the 1800’s and part of a community that utilized the springs across the street and up the mountain for healing, the place looked and felt creepy. The American Indians considered this area sacred. Modern folk see it as charming, mystical and sometimes dark.

Looking out the window of my apartment one snowy morning while cooking bunny stew, I heard faint little voices in the hallway outside the apartment door. But the attempt to find out who or what was making them turned futile for several weeks.

That was, until I decided to go shopping at the Trippin’ Trolls store.

Casually checking out the troll dolls inside a giant glass case on the wall, a voice called out to me, “Psst, hey you!”  After regaining composure and focusing on this one troll high up on the shelf, I said, “Huh?” The troll was about six inches tall with white hair, big hazel eyes and wearing overalls made out of a burlap sack. I must admit, it was very unusual talking to a troll.

“Look, I need someone to talk to, the troll said. My name is Dam. Moved from the East coast a few weeks ago for work and took this gig at the Tripping Troll, but hate it. Are you looking for a good servant? I mean, I’m not the typical troll. Seriously, I’m little and don’t take up much space. I can also act, cook and watch your back as much as possible. Figured I’d throw all of that out there since I’m in the market for a master you know.”

“Wow, not sure if a troll is what I’m looking for but that’s one hell of story Are you really a…?”

“Look, Dam replied, I’m about to lose my mind standing like a stiff on this shelf eight hours a day. How bout’ you buy me, take me home and I will be the best servant and confidant you ever had.”

“Mm-all right, I said. But look, you’ve got to ride in my backpack and stay quiet okay. Some people already think I’m nuts.”

Arriving home, I gave Dam his first assignment. Pointing to a door that led to the crawl space underneath my apartment, I said, “find out who’s making the noises.”

Away he went, dancing down the hall singing troll tunes as I closed the door.

Ten minutes later, Dam greeted me with five trolls.

“Whoa! Good job, I said!”

“These guys are like me, Dam said. They just want to find a master. How bout’ we all do some troll shots and celebrate eh’!”

After an hour of intense partying with Dam and the five other trolls, my eyes rolled back in my head and I fell asleep on the couch. But, when I awoke the next morning there was complete silence. I called for Dam and looked for him everywhere, but there was no answer-nothing. Dam and the other five trolls had disappeared. I called the trolls store and told them what happened, hoping that maybe someone knew something. But, there was dead silence on the other end. Then the lady said, “Oh-My-God! Please tell me you didn’t drink with the trolls-did you? Did you?

“Well…yeah, we did troll shots, I said.”

“Oh, let me guess, all of your food and alcohol is gone right?”

“Yep, I said. They took all of the bunny stew, everything in the mini bar and a roll of cash.”

“Well, you know now the lady said, bunny stew and troll shots is their favorite but, they’ll show up here looking for employment after all their money is gone and the drunkenness wears off, that’s how the trolls roll. Hey, look, I’m really sorry about what happened,  just come back in and we’ll set you up with another troll more to your liking okay.”

“Dam troll, no thanks, I liked it better just hearing voices. Besides, I’ve got to make another batch of Bunny Stew.”

Cloud Things

WGAWESTREGISTRY 11/24/2013 Registration # 1689587

In a field of forget-me-not’s,
blue and white like the sea.
We hold hands, close our eyes
and dream of cloud things high in the sky.
The wind howls and a song bird sings,
you’re in a dream world now with wonderful things.
We’re your friends, puff clouds you’ll like,
look at us float, we’re very-very nice.
A cricket chirps, a melody from its wing,
he’s a famous cloud thing, that can talk and sing!
Some of us fly like you might think
or dance in the tub or in the sink!
Some of us spin on a colorful merry-go-round
or swing from a rope, high in the clouds.
Just remember, in blue above your head,
might be a cricket dancing on its bed!
Or, even a puppy that wags its cute tail,
moves like the wind, with a giant sail.
So, pet your cloud friends before we float away,
and forget-us-not, tomorrow’s another day.

1/2 Way to Winfield Festival

Saturday was The 2nd Annual 1/2 Way to Winfield Festival at Kelly’s Irish Pub in Wichita, Kansas.

After hours of partying with the most fun boot stomping, skirt flying, beer and whisky drinking folk in the city, I realize that these are my people. The place was packed. Its got that raw, want to hang out with my friends at home kind of feel.  This is a laid back neighborhood bar with great music, dancing and lots of drinking in a fun and great atmosphere. I like it, especially the bra’s and stuff hanging on the Elk head on the wall behind the antique bar. Kevin the owner is really proud of the place and for good reason. He’s married to Kelly’s. And she’s got some soul.

Craig Ainsworth and Brandon Blaylock/Prairie Fire Production Co, did one heck of a job organizing this gig and together with Kevin/Kelly’s Irish Pub and some really talented musicians, these guys were able to show us the love.

Six featured bands performed back to back for twelve hours, bellowing out some phenomenal music: Fresh Green Grass started at about 2:00 pm. A family band and trio, their style is a low down earthy bluegrass sound that is simple, yet wonderful and a great way to open the event. Hipbilly, a masterful four piece combo of hillbilly and hippy with a bluegrass contemporary/progressive feel. This is a cool bunch, maybe they drive a Volkswagen bus? I want to go!

Ok…The Skirts, an all female trio group with a Nora Jones kind of soft sound, their amazing harmonies, and magical songwriting, a simple elegance that just flows naturally. Then there’s the Calamity Cubes, a four piece hit it hard and down and dirty bluegrass band that’s edgy and has a driving feel. They like simple things, like floating down the river and drinking beer. Cool, I’m there! Carrie Nation & The Speak Easy, a five piece aggressive country/blues dixieland/bluegrass group with a delta blues/ New Orleans sound. The trombone that was blaring out some action made it seem like I was down in the French Quarter. Fast Food Junkies with their strong vocals, and blues/bluegrass feel, infused with a heavy metal influence and lots of talent closed down the live line up of artists for the night.

There’s always a group that sticks out. And for me, and I’ll catch some flack for this surely, it’s not alway the headliner.

The Skirts. I say, sign them up.

The Walnut Valley Festival/ The Winfield Bluegrass Festival isn’t until the 3rd week of September, but, the Bluegrass buzz we got this weekend should have made things a little easier for us. Hang on folks, we’re half way to Winfield. Only six more months.