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Cloud Things

WGAWESTREGISTRY 11/24/2013 Registration # 1689587

In a field of forget-me-not’s,
blue and white like the sea.
We hold hands, close our eyes
and dream of cloud things high in the sky.
The wind howls and a song bird sings,
you’re in a dream world now with wonderful things.
We’re your friends, puff clouds you’ll like,
look at us float, we’re very-very nice.
A cricket chirps, a melody from its wing,
he’s a famous cloud thing, that can talk and sing!
Some of us fly like you might think
or dance in the tub or in the sink!
Some of us spin on a colorful merry-go-round
or swing from a rope, high in the clouds.
Just remember, in blue above your head,
might be a cricket dancing on its bed!
Or, even a puppy that wags its cute tail,
moves like the wind, with a giant sail.
So, pet your cloud friends before we float away,
and forget-us-not, tomorrow’s another day.